How to get there? Read these instructions to find the park | Futangue Park
The principal entrance to Futangue Park is located on the Ruta T-85 which borders with Lake Ranco, at Km 22 on the road to Riñinahue, in the Los Rios region. The second access point is on the road towards Cerro Mayo, at Km 14, opposite the Pitreño rural school.

By plane

Commercial airlines keep their flights open to the airports nearest to Futangue, the year round:

  • Cañal Bajo Airport, Osorno (108 km)
  • Pichoy Airport, Valdivia (143 km)
  • El Tepual Airport, Puerto Montt (207 km)

After arriving at the respective airport, it is necessary to board a private vehicle, transfer or bus destined for Lake Ranco in order to then take the Ruta T-85 towards the village of Riñinahue, until KM 22.

By bus

From Santiago, there are direct buses to Lake Ranco and Futrono, which are only 22km and 42km respectively from Futangue.

In the vicinity of Futrono and Lake Ranco there are taxi services and public transport which go past the entrance of the Park in Riñinahue.



From the north

From Ruta 5 Sur, take the exit to Reumén, situated at KM 858. Then follow signs to Futrono (43 km). From Futrono, turn east round Lake Ranco, towards the village of Riñinahue (42 km), passing Llifén, River Calcurrupe and River Nilahue.

Finally pass under River Riñinahue Bridge and take the first turning on the left, which is the main entrance of the Park, called Riñinahue Entrance.

To arrive at Cerro Mayo Entrance, continue west for another 8.5 km and turn left opposite the rural school of Pitreño.


From the south

From Ruta 5 Sur, take the exit to Cruce de los Tambores, situated at KM 889. Then follow the road to Río Bueno (3 km).

From Río Bueno, take the Ruta T-85 towards the village of Lake Ranco (50 km) and then continue until you reach the Park entrance at KM 22, towards Riñinahue.


Parque Futangue

Address: Ruta T-85, Km. 22, Riñinahue, Lago Ranco.