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Futangue has more than 13.500 hectares of native forest and almost 100 kilometers of hiking trails, where you are struck by stunning vistas of the south of Chile, between lakes, mountains and volcanoes. We offer diverse excursions for all levels and interests.



Heed the call to adventure !

Enjoy a day’s trekking through extensive virgin forests and discover the art of fly fishing. Get in to a kayak and contemplate the beautiful views which Pichi Lagoon offers, situated within the enclave of an amphitheater of mountains and waterfalls. Explore the Cordón del Caulle lava fields on bicycle and capture the best views from the viewing decks along the way. Challenge yourself to spend the night in the Valdivian rainforest and listen to the sounds it makes above a sky full of stars.
Have a look at our excursions section and plan your stay. The south of Chile boasts a collection of unforgettable experiences which simply waiting for you.

Heed the call to adventure !

Come and explore our impressive network of hiking trails

The Park has an extensive network of paths which are interspersed with barbecue sites, picnic areas, swing bridges, jetties and viewing decks. You will also have the privilege of walking through perfectly conserved ecosystems which shelter a unique biodiversity.
The trails take you from the depths of the Valdivian rainforest to the spectacular lava fields in Cordón del Caulle, which is also home to lakes, rivers, imposingly beautiful waterfalls and impressive views of Lake Ranco and the Patagonian Andes.
With a bit of luck you will also come across rich native fauna. Birds such as the ‘Chucao’, the ‘Hued Hued’ and the ‘Carpintero Negro’ are often sighted, as are amphibians such as the Darwin small frog and mammals including the grey fox and pudú, the world's smallest deer.

 Come and explore our impressive network of hiking trails