Where to eat? Discover El Mesón del Caulle restaurant | Futangue Park
From enjoying a picnic along the hiking trails, to reserving a table in our restaurant, ’El Mesón del Caulle’; reservations can be made from january 2nd until february 28th 2021 at our reception: +59 9 447 26646 or contact us at recepcion@futangue.com
The Forest Dining Room

The Forest Dining Room

In our restaurant, we serve outstanding signature cuisine and place value upon the identity of Northern Patagonian recipes. The concept and approach was designed by renowned Valdivian chef, Karime Harcha.

Come and Enjoy Our Cuisine


We have created a culinary experience using the best ingredients from our region. Highlighting the flavors belonging to the myrtle tree – present in the southern region of our country – we also use the fruits which are so particular to this zone, the murta and maqui berries, as well as other local products, such as mushrooms and native potatoes, delicious shellfish from Valdivia on the coast and the vegetables we cultivate in our own greenhouse.

We are proud of our quest for authentic flavors, buying from the local artisans’ market beside Lake Ranco and producing a large quantity of what we cook ourselves; from homemade ice-cream to the artisan spirits which can’t be found anywhere else, making our gastronomy an adventure in itself.