A luxurious retreat at Futangue Hotel & Spa | Futangue Park


Indulge yourself in our 450 m² Spa surrounded by mountains and picturesque rural landscapes. Relax and enjoy in our heated indoor pool or in our semi-olympic outdoor pool with unbeatable views. Take a sauna while gazing at spectacular waterfalls. Revitalize after a long day of excursions with a selection of massage therapies, using local berries and oils.

Unique Atmosphere

Unique Atmosphere

In this silent place away from speed and routine, you will be able to disconnect from everything. To book a massage call our reception: +56 9 447 26646 or contact us at recepcion@futangue.com

A Luxury Retreat


Triwe Spa sits upon the rainy meadows overlooking Lake Ranco, facing an amphitheater of mountains and waterfalls. Its architecture is highlighted by the warmth of the native wood and volcanic rock with which it has been constructed, representing Futangue Park’s natural heritage. Its name, originating from the native language, refers to the ancient laurels under whose shade it shelters.

Triwe is a voyage of the senses through the interior of the Valdivian Forest; its smells, tastes, textures and sounds, where the water from the slopes above it and the native plants around it all combine to purify the body and spirit with their medicinal properties, the very same which have cured the indigenous tribes since time began.

Relax, rest your mind and luxuriate in the elements of the forest, in all their different forms.