El Mesón del Caulle, eating at a nature reserve El Mesón del Caulle, eating at a nature reserve – Futangue Park

El Mesón del Caulle, eating at a nature reserve

A little over three months ago, the trial period of Futangue Hotel & Spa started, a beautiful hotel located in a homonimous nature reserve near Lake Ranco. It hugs you from the moment you walk in, with wood every where, precious views to a green universe and a kitchen that soon will deliver Chilean flavours with a modern twist.

Behind the culinary work is Karime Harcha, Valdivian cook and literally an activist of local products and dishes full of history. In charge of the stove Juan Pable Aránguiz works to get results that match the landscape, and the peace and joy that are its attributes.

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El Mesón del Caulle, eating at a nature reserve

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