Futangue Hotel, a unique lodge in the lake district of Chile | Futangue Park


The perfect place to relax, hidden away in a little corner of paradise in Northern Patagonia. Futangue Hotel & Spa stands out for its native wood interiors and incredible views across to mountain ranges and waterfalls. This is the point from which to set out and explore the wilderness of the Patagonian Andes and to where you can return again, to unwind and enjoy the Spa, after a day of adventure.


Stylish design details decorate the Hotel throughout, including the 16 cozy and welcoming rooms. Here you can also find our bar and restaurant, ‘El Mesón del Caulle’, where you can discover Patagonian flavors and share stories about your day.


Come and relax within the peace and quiet which Casa Exploradores offers. Count on 10 comfortable rooms with stunning views from your terrace, of the Rupumeica granite towers. At only a few paces from the Hotel, this place really stands out for its warm and hospitable atmosphere.

Among Lakes and Volcanoes


In the meadows closest to Lake Ranco, you will find our Hotel & Spa. The architecture highlights the region’s native wood and complements the natural environment, assimilating the classic barns and stables of the south of Chile. The decoration uses ethnic fabrics and colorful textiles, which are inspired by national artists and objects from the Mapuche culture. The local traditions and natural heritage are present in every nook and cranny.

‘Casa Exploradores’ sits just 120 meters from the Hotel, where you can enjoy the same exclusive service from the Hotel but in a more private and secluded environment. Both buildings share the ‘El Mesón del Caulle’ restaurant, which is located in the main part of the Hotel. The Spa facilities are also shared.

Futangue Hotel & Spa invites guests to discover this stunning, wild, private reserve, while still being able to enjoy pleasant and cozy accommodation. Come and explore the beauty of the Patagonian Andes !



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